19.05.2020 17:30 Uhr
Qualifier winners from Alpine nation reach the playoffs

'A lM N3 S Y A' and 'OriginaL-SnuS' carry Swiss hopes

by Niklas Aßfalg/Christian Bellinger

A new week brings new qualifying tournaments for the IIHF Esports Fan Championship: On Monday the two Swiss representatives for the main round were decided. 

On the Xbox One, Marco 'A lM N3 S Y A' Giamboni in EA SPORTS™' NHL™ 20 was crowned the winner and celebrated his entry into the playoffs. Already in the round of the last 16 he showed his class on the controller and beat 'Flück' clearly with 10:2. In the quarterfinals 'A lM N3 S Y A' was more challenged, 'boubyx' gave him a hard fight with a narrow 3:2. The final round against 'Bjoern Gorbatschow' was again a demonstration of power, Giamboni put his opponent in his place with 8:4. In the same move Reto 'Haldeem' Haldemann won against 'Tommaso_37' and also advanced to the final. In a tight final game, 'A lM N3 S Y A' finally found his way to the goal more often, the 2:1 victory earned him the win of the tournament and the qualification for the playoffs as Swiss Esports representative. 

His PlayStation 4 counterpart, Sven 'OriginaL-SnuS' Julmi, who had previously played six matches, became his new partner. After a walk-through in round one, 'OriginaL-SnuS' opened his personal triumphal procession with a 4:1 win over 'zuccarello81'. With successes against 'Philafly' (7:1), 'mircoleone' (4:3) and 'Mike 21' (6:2), Julmi worked his way into the semi-finals where he faced 'BLACKICE1930'. From the other side of the tournament tree, Steph 'Lazy_Links89' Fornachon played himself into the semi-finals at the same time, he met 'bananasplit'. Both encounters turned out to be hard-fought clashes in which one goal each made the difference. 'OriginaL-SnuS' defeated 'BLACKICE1930' 4:3, 'Lazy_Links89' won 3:2 against 'bananasplit'. 3:2 was also the score in the final - but this time against Fornachon, Giamboni opened the door to the main round. Both 'OriginaL-SnuS' and 'A lM N3 S Y A' will be rewarded with two tickets for a Swiss game at the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship game, 100 euros prize money and an IIHF Esports Fan Championship Puck.