13.05.2020 10:00 Uhr
Goals, tricks and more

Show your skills in the Plays of the Week

by Niklas AƟfalg/Christian Bellinger

The IIHF Esports Fan Championship is about to begin. In addition to the results, we want you to show your skills with the world!

All competitors taking part in the 2020 IIHF Esports Fan Championship will be able to submit their best plays to, to be featured on the tournament website and on IIHF social media channels. 

In order for these plays to be shared, fans need to save them first on their system. On the PlayStation 4, the SHARE button is used to save a goal. With a double click the recording can be started and stopped independently, a longer hold automatically saves the last 15 minutes.

For the Xbox, the preservation of a highlight is done by activating the Xbox button, the X button is used to record the last 30 seconds. Under "Recording options" you can also start and stop manually.

When you share your highlights with us, we will send them out as highlights on the official tournament website and also post them on the IIHF social media channels.