23.05.2020 13:50 Uhr
Last qualifiers of the IIHF Esports Fan Championship

'mahoney88' and 'Serg1vratar_vH' go into the playoffs for Russia

by Christian Bellinger/Alexander Maier

Out of a total 208 domestic competitors seeking to represent ice hockey giants Russia in the 202 IIHF Esports fan Championship, Maksim 'mahoney88' Krinitsyn and Sergei 'Serg1vratar_vH' Filippov finished ahead of the pack and will now take their talents on the international stage for the playoffs.

On Friday evening, the hockey heavyweights Sweden and Russia played the last two qualifiers of the 2020 IIHF Esports Fan Championship and rounded out the playoff matchups. The ambitious Russian community has two representatives, 'mahoney88' and 'Serg1vratar_vH', who both had to play some tough games on their way to victory. 'Serg1vratar_vH' was faced with seven competitors on the PlayStation 4. After a walk-through in the first round, he defeated 'Alliance33' 6:2, and also survived the third round against 'r76_keane' (5:2) without any danger. The fourth round was exciting for the first time at 5:3 against 'Mitrakov_V', after he cleared 'apophiscrash' (10:3) out of the way. In the quarterfinal 'Serg1vratar_vH' won 5:4 against 'vadyan_fcsm', also the semifinal (3:1 against 'DKZLATAN') and the final (3:2 against 'smekaesh_nhl') were very exciting.

The Russian duo is completed by Xbox winner 'mahoney88'. He had to deal with six opponents. Against 'Logr1n' (7:1), 'baehop' (8:1) and 'medynskii61' (9:4) 'mahoney88' underlined his ambitions with full offensive power. Afterwards he had to fight hard with 'footballpin7' (7:5), 'yurigalkin13' (3:2) and 'UncleAleksandr' (7:4), coming out on top in the end. 

The Russian duo now has the honourable task of continuing the successful history of the Red Machine on the virtual ice. In addition, they will each receive two tickets to see Russia play at the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, 100 euros prize money and a customized IIHF Esports Fan Championship puck.