20.05.2020 10:15 Uhr
Lady Brunette first woman to reach final tournament

The national champions of Slovakia have been determined

by Christian Bellinger

On Monday, Sandra 'Lady Brunette' Demitrová and Anton 'Fenomen036363' Mesko beat 144 competitors in the Slovakian qualifiers, putting the first woman in the playoffs. 

The small country Slovakia in the heart of Europe is one of the great ice hockey nations of the world. The number of participants in the two national qualifiers was correspondingly high - now the Slovaks form a powerful duo for international comparison. 'Fenomen036363' had to eliminate seven opponents on PlayStation 4 to secure his place in the playoffs, the $100 prize money and his two tickets to a Slovak preliminary-round game of the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The most thrilling game was the first round, when he beat 'Vizvis' 4-3. He then defeated 'Baartyyyy' (4-0), 'Swes' (6-2), 'DaviDoSen' (8-2), 'Ix-rekox-xI' (6-1), 'Rongas_9' (7-4) and in the final 'karambasvk' with 9-3.

His duo partner is the first woman to get a ticket for the playoffs - 'Lady Brunette' in NHL™ 20 on Xbox One left no doubt about her passage from the beginning. After a walk-through in the first round, she started the qualifier with a 10-1 win over 'Armandinko'. Afterwards she beat 'Kopyyy27' 4-0 and exchanged goals against 'Jeblington' 7-4. The preliminary round (3-1 against 'Tarabak64') and the final (2-1 against 'Weatherbook7053') were exciting, but Demitrová deservedly won in the end. Now the 30 qualifiers from the other World Championship nations are waiting for the Slovak champions in the playoffs.